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Associations and Memberships Page!

We here at !The Funny Bone decided that we should help make a stand here on the internet, to defend our beliefs, and ideas! Okay, so actually, we're trying to push our beliefs and ideas off on other people, but what's so horrible about that?

So far, we've spearheaded The Slower Traffic Keep Right Campaign

Furthermore, we sought out and joined forces with some other people, who had already figured out something neat to believe in, and had already made a neat graphic in support of that belief! (Hey, it meant less work for us!)

Below are the things we found deserving of our (and your) support:

We made this one up ourselves!
Slower Traffic Keep Right!
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And of course, we're a S.P.I.T. Site.

We're Proud Members (and now owners) of The I Hate Mimes Club!


and We Hate Blinking!

Help us Stop The Blinking!

Our web space is sponsored by AllWebCo

Which also is now the official home of

The Bud Uglly Foundation
(It's a small World-Wide-Web!)

We also believe that this is probably the correct time!

Time Hour Min Sec
And date too!
(Then again, We'll believe in almost anything!)

And we have also decided to try and help stop button abuse!
(so please, dont' press this one more than once)


And then we found this Humor Ring around our funny bathtub...

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And if you don't like any of THAT crap, there's always more of THIS crap here.

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