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Our Rotating Banner Program!

Thanks for checkin' out our program!

We here at The Funny Bone decided that we would start a humor site on the internet, and get filthy rich from the advertising on it. Once we got in to it, however, we realized that we were one of about eleventy-billion people with that idea, and we're pretty sure that none of em are making more than what it costs to run the place. So, as with the rest of our lives, when our goals seem unreachable (or even slightly difficult) we lowered our standards. Now we're just tryin' to get the site to pay for it's space.

What does this mean for you? Cheap advertising! We also give you the ability to check your stats (how many times your banner has been displayed, and how many times it's been clicked on, and the ratios..etc) and the ability to change your banner at any time (except for 3:13am on wednesdays, cause we're usually washing our hair then.. but 3:12am or 3:14am is fine) We also allow animated banners, and banners that are "too big" for most other advertisers. (We'll allow 468x60 and maybe larger if you ask nicely) We'll allow darn near any size file.. (but remember, if it takes too long to load, the viewer will have been long gone by the time it finishes) We also allow those flashy, blinking, technocolored, shitty looking, annoying, eye bashing banners that normal advertisers would sue you for submitting. How can we get away with this? Cause our whole site is flashy, blinky, technocolored, shitty looking and annoying... and about the eye bashing.. well.. just ask our mascot "Happy" about that one.

So how many hits does The Funny Bone get?

According to The Link Exchange, and also our own stats, We're averaging over 184,000 banners shown per month, and climbing FAST!

So how many times a day will my banner be shown?

Umm.. we don't have a clue. It actually depends on how many hits we get that day, and how many other banners there are in rotation. Remember though, this is rotation, and not random, so it's fair to everyone.

As it stands now, with our current hits, and number of banners, your ad would be shown over 1,400 times a day, or around 42,000 times per month, or 504,000 times in a year! but that's LOW estimate, at the rate our hits are growing!

So how much does it cost?

How does Six Full Months of rotation, for $247.00 sound? 
(about 252,000 impressions, for around 0.00098065476 cents per impression)

But wait! There's more!

How does One Full Year of rotation for only $449.00 sound? (about 504,000 impressions, for around 0.00089211309 cents per impression!) 
Not bad eh? Remember, These are LOW estimates!

(For smaller amounts, fill out the order form, and put "Request for quote on 10,000 impressions" etc.)

But wait! There's more!
If you act now, we'll also send you:

  • A used Q-Tip
  • Some assorted toe nail clippings
  • A burnt out lightbulb
  • An AOL disk! 



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    That's pretty well all there is to tell, and we're not gonna beg anyone to buy advertising.

    Click HERE to place your order!!
    (yes, we are shameless, and without pride)

    Okay Okay.. just kidding! Geesh!

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