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Sometimes we care about people. 
If you love the chatroom, let us know at
And if you don't like it, well, email us at

!The Funny Bone is connected to the... LOVE BONE! (Click Here to meet Fun people!)

This application requires Java support. You can also join the chat using any IRC client to connect to, and join the #TheFunnyBone channel. 

If for some reason you can't get in here, try HERE
Or try our HELP! Section

Commands For Chat

Private messages
click on a name and send normally
/nick anewname
changes your name to "anewname"
/me dances around
shows action
/join #whatever
creates a new room called "whatever"
/join #TheFunnyBone
gets you back to the main room
/silence jackass
you won't hear the user "jackass" anymore
(use /silence -jackass to undo)
Detatches the chat window
Loggs you off