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Okay, Here's the Deal:

Who ever sends us the funniest joke (it can be a forwarded joke, or a completed top ten list, or even a fax fun submission...hell, it can even be one of the jokes that we already have on the site, cause chances are, we won't notice)

We will award a FREE subscription to our already free Funny Bone E-Magazine!!

Entrys must be received no later than when we get them. You must be eighteen to enter this contest, or if you're not, then you should at least be some other age. The winner can claim their prize by going to http://thefunnybone.com/free.shtml and filling out the short form... incidentally, so could all the losers, and people who didn't even enter.

If you think of anything... Email us at StupidContest@TheFunnyBone.com

Look! We entered a contest ourselves!

We found this coloring contest at Bud Uglly Webpage Design where they wanted you to color in a picture of a bunny. We thought that was sweet, and decided to enter the contest ourselves, even though the deadline was past months ago, to show that we're not just funny, but compassionate, and sweet and charming, and all that other soft, fuzzy shit associated with bunnies.

This is the picture Bud put up for everyone to color
Isn't he cute?

This was the winning picture by Michael Lambert
Bud's comments were as follows:

The wild and loony colurs in this pictur bring it into an almost unsompable motion, lulling the viewer into a dremlike state of mind. Michael has added a toung, representing the hunger of the world. (although it is a little fuzzy loking) Note te red dot in the upper right conoer.

This one by SkunkEBeer tied for second place
Bud's comments were as follows:

By sending inan animated gif, F.Barth (SkunkEBeer) has shown that art is not meerly a static thing, but rather an action oriented visual circus for the eyes. Note how the colors change from green to purple and then back agin, thusly creting an explosion of wild colors that make the bunny appeare to shake with delight.

The other second place winner was Sheattle
Bud's comments were as follows:

Sheattle has opted to transform the bunny int almost an andy warhole type pictur. Note how she has crated two pictures out of only one. Also by adding some exctra whiskers to the bunny she has help to show it an more realistic light. The extra effect of reversing the picture catapults this entry into the realm of modern ark.

And below is the picture we sent in:

We got out of the lines a litte sometimes,
but we certainly felt like we were one with nature
after painting this picture

Bud's comments were as follows:

Thanks for the bunny, butt I thinkd an eye fell out during the e-mail transfer.

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