Okay.. that's enough already!!!
No more free stuff!!

!The Funny Bone was working with one of those "free stuff companies" to provide you with a forum of free stuff to click on, and to provide us with a tiny bit of money every time one of you clicked on one of the free things...

But according to their stats, there were only two of you (out of over 6000 visitors to our site per day) who actually clicked on any of their links in the past year.

The way we see it, that means:

A: Their "tracking program" sucks
B: Their "tracking program" worked great, and they were just ripping us off
C: Their "tracking program" worked great and you just aren't the least bit interested in clicking on free stuff. (er.. at least most people aren't interested.. if you are reading this, you are obviously one of the "two people per year" who actually is interested)

Any way you slice it, it was obvious to us that it was time to remove the free stuff.. so now, the only free things we have here are our postcards and our Free E-Magazine

So from now on, if you want something for nothing, try picking your nose.

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