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(The bones we've picked with other people)

A Behind the scenes look at the internet's most interesting people!

Welcome! We're here with Bill Hyde of The Comedy Zone (http://bcsdesign.com/comedyzone/) One of the kewlest Comedy Sites on the net! Tirelessly browsing the net, The Comedy Zone has created "The List" Featuring the coolest sites they could find (We were on it!) and sporting a "Favorite Balls" section that showcases some of the best of "The List" (we haven't made it that far YET) A warped "Dear Abby" type column with "Manly Man", Behind the page interviews with webmasters of some of these kewl sites (yes, this is a rip off of that) and MUCH MORE! 

Fish: Bill, we really appreciate you taking the time to be with us today. Is it allright if we call you Edna? 

Edna: Well, actually no. I only let my wife call me that! Bill will work, or if you must, Mr. CZ. 

Fish: How does it feel to be on the receiving end of the interview for a change? 

Edn..er.. Bill: Is that what this is? Now hold on, where the hell is my agent! ... I'm going to kick his ass for this one. 

Fish: How do you feel about us stealing your idea to interview internet celebrities of great web sites? 

Bill: I knew I should have filled out that patent form ... then again, I didn't hear any bitching from Barbara Walters when I started my interviews. Hey, I think it's great. There are so many interesting web sites around. Most people, surf to one, look around, and then head off to another. I came up with the interview thingy so folks can stop for a minute and see just how really wacky the site authors are. 

Fish: Yeah, it was a great idea! Glad we thought of it! Speaking of which, how do you pick who you are going to interview? 

Bill: That's a tough one. I tend to focus on sites that are fairly popular and have interesting original material. Emphasis on "original." From the site content I can pretty much get a feel as to whether an interview would be worthwhile ... you know ... snappy responses and such. It tends to suck when all you get are one word answers to your questions. 

Fish: Yeah, hehehe that would suck hard! Have you ever had anyone who would not give you an interview? 

Bill: No 

Fish: We've noticed a heavy Rod/Twilight Zone feel to your site. Is it true that Rod actually died of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from visiting your site? 

Bill: What! He's dead!! Jeez ... we're going to have to find out who the hell has been cashing the damn checks!! Actually, the Twilight Zone theme was an inspiration from Sue Nim of See Span Run (http://www.seespanrun.com) She put up a little promo for me starting off with, "Imagine if you will ... " Smiley needed an assistant, so we stole ... oops, I mean borrowed a few gifs and ran with it. From the feedback so far, Rod is pretty damn popular ... even if he is dead. I'm sorry. That really was shocking news ... do you have a tissue? 

Fish: Uhh, no, but you can use my shirt sleeve, that's what I use. So what's it like working with Manly Man, and has it changed you? 

Bill: Well, besides all the empty beer cans around the office, it's been fun. I'm pretty much a sports boob. On the weekends, it's my wife who sits down in front of the games ... I'm outside cutting weeds, online or fixing something around the house. My wife would say something about a game she's watching and I'll look at her and say "That's nice .." After hanging around with Manly, I almost understand what she's talking about. Only down-side is that he always wants me to go with him to the local home improvement store. I like power tools ... but there's a limit! 

Fish: We've noticed that you're now more offensive than you used to be...Of course we like that, and we're proud of you, but how has it affected you? 

Bill: You really think so?! Actually, I try to tone down most of my wise-ass remarks. Every once and awhile, one slips through, and I get several cancellations from the CZ Update list. The latest flap was from a company that publishes software. They listed the Comedy Zone as a user of their product and I had a link to them from the front page. I was told that several clients and some potential clients visited and found a reference to homosexuals offensive and they removed my site listing. The bit was in the Manly Man column ... the twits - they must have been satire and parody challenged. Of course these days, you're bound to offend somebody with just about anything you do. I just wish some people would lighten up a bit and not take everything so serious. 

Fish: How did you come to be teamed up with Mr. Smiley, and why does he get to do all the fun stuff, and bump elbows with all the celebrities? 

Bill: When I found Smiley, he was a complete wreck - laying in the gutter with some other winos. I recognized him immediately because I used to have a coffee cup with his picture on it. I sobered him up, and over some coffee, he told me how everything had gone down hill for him since the '70s. I told him he needed a new image and I'd give him a job if he straightened up. He took my offer and the rest is history. He's just tops in the PR department. By the way ... those shades he wears ... they're Ray Bans. We're pretty sure the folks who wrote "Men In Black" got it from us! 

Fish: Man, you get ripped off a lot, huh? Has there ever been anyone (other than us) who attempted to bribe you for a spot in your favorite balls section? 

Bill: You bet! I finally added "Bribes" to the subject selector on the feedback page. 

Fish: Okay, come clean Bill, was it really your integrity that prevented us from successfully bribing you, or was it just that $1.40 was not enough of a bribe? 

Bill: Let me put it this way ... add some more zeros and move that decimal point and we'll talk. 

Fish: Hmmm like .00140? We can't afford THAT! Geesh! Oh, by the way, what happened with the Rodney Dangerfield thing, and how is it going now? 

Bill: The whole Rodney thing has been a running gag since the first Comedy Zone hit the web. I put up a little paragraph about how he inspired me to start a web site. About a week later he actually wrote, thanking me for mentioning him. I thought it was pretty cool that somebody famous actually checked out my site. I wrote him back a few more times, told him he received a favorite ball, but never received a response. 

His page has links to sites that gave him "respect," but even after a year the Comedy Zone was never mentioned. I started putting up some blurbs on the main page about not hearing from Rodney in each update. Last month I posted an open letter to his wife Joan, asking her to see if Rodney would forgive us for whatever we did. I never actually sent the letter to her ... it was just a funny bit. So one day I'm checking my email, and there's a message from Joan Dangerfield! She said Rodney was fine, some stuff about his upcoming movie, and that she never received the original letter. Well, to make this short, I faxed her the letter and next thing I know, Rodney puts an enlarged "Comedy Zone Favorite Ball" gif and link on his page. Rodney is A-OK in my book ... but I'm still waiting for that dinner invitation. 

Fish: What do you do when you're not crawling the web for great sites to hang your balls on? (no pun intended, if you can believe that) 

Bill: Well I used to be a cop up to a few months ago. After sixteen years of "cuffing and stuffing," I decided to start up my own business and see what it was like being a "normal person" and not pulling shiftwork. Right now I own an internet consulting and design firm (http://www.bcsdesign.com), dabble with radio sales, and some PI work. 

Fish: Do you have favorite sites that you frequently visit, or do you stay too busy looking for new ones to feature? 

Bill: Well besides The Funny Bone .... hmmm ..., I always check out the "Favorite Ball" sites, ... amazing isn't it? The Favorite Balls just happen to be my favorite sites! The rest of the time I'm looking for newly listed sites or checking out ones that people submit. 

Fish: Are you brown-nosing, or mocking me? Ahh nevermind, it's not important. What exciting new ideas do you have in mind for The Comedy Zone now? (not that we would steal them or anything) 

Bill: I'm toying with possibly running some contests, and the winner receiving some incredibly valuable prize ... like a coffee cup or shirt. I'm also considering a separate list for sites that rip things off from other sites ... what do you think? 

Fish: Yeah, Kewl! A list for sites that rip other sites off! Great idea! I'll start on that toda.. I mean.. no, that doesn't sound very funny at all. I think you'd do better just concetrating on what you're doing.

 Bill, we certainly thank you for taking the time out to be with us today! It's been a real pleasure for us! 

Bill: Hey this has been fun ... and, if you don't mind, may I have my pen back? 

Fish: uhhh no. I mean.. what pen? 


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