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The Top 10 Uses For Navel Lint

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10) Really fake sideburns.

9) Grass for your child's Easter Egg Basket

8) Replace the Dryer Lint since its now being used as recycled cottonballs(Note to Oz-Chic: Puuuuuuulease don't try and limit the great BPATT)

7) Don't wanna forget something?....tie some navel lint around your finger!

6) As the Tug O War rope for really, really, really weak people.

5) Fix your child's yo-yo

4) Think Green!....use it to bundle your newspapers for recycling.

3) To measure the distance of the Javelin Toss in the next Summer Olympics(BTW, which are in Sydney Australia)

2) Tie someone up with during sex.

1) Really Tasty Dental Floss!!!

Thanks to Oz-Chic for the topic and BPatt for the list

Submitted: Sat Nov 1 20:07:53 1997
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