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List #100: The Top 10 Rejected Topics For a Top 10 List Sent In

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Writer's note: There is no way that I could do these lists if I didn't have great topics sent in for me to work from. However, I just don't do any list. The ones listed below are topics that I rejected just because. Who knows...maybe we can do a "Too Hot for Top 10" video series like Cops/Jerry Springer. Until then, keep em coming!!

10) The Top 10 Cool Things I Like About Hanson

9) The Top 10 Ways That Vicks Vapor Rub Can Improve Your Sex Life.

8) The Top 10 Good Scenes In The Movie "Showgirls"

7) The Top 10 Things That Rhyme With Kiwi. I already did rhymes with orange and I lost major brain cells b/c of it.

6) The Top 10 Cartoon Characters You Would Like To Date. Get a LIFE!!!

5) The Top 10 Things To Do On Your Honeymoon If You Marry A Sheep.

4) The Top 10 Good Things About Home Self Castration

3) The Top 10 Reasons Pauly Shore Will Win An Oscar Someday.

2) The Top 10 Things I, BPatt Do With My FunnyBone Paycheck. If you don't get this one, please reread lists 1-99. I don't get PAID!!!

1) The Top 10 Signs That Richard Simmons Is NOT Gay.

Thanks To BPatt

Submitted: Sat Jan 10 16:53:01 1998
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