Tommy Middlefinger

Where's the Middlefinger?

Poor Tommy Hilfiger only made a few hundred million dollars last year. So to recoup from his slow year he no longer lets us sell our parody (and completely legal) T-shirts. Here at we have gone to great pains to insure they we did not violate any copyright laws when we designed our masterpiece, but that was not good enough for Ol' Tommy.

This is odd behavior for Tommy considering the Tommy Hilfiger Mission Statement:

The Tommy Hilfiger Corporation is dedicated to the living spirit of the American dream.
We believe the spirit of youth is our greatest inspiration. Resourcefulness is the key to value and excellence. In making quality a priority of our lives and products. By respecting one another we can reach all cultures. By being bold in our vision we continually expand our boundaries.

Tommy has ripped us off and we want him to know it, but we need your help. Show Tommy how you feel about this corporate piracy by boycotting Tommy and his designs.

Hey, Tommy,